Side Dishes for Ham to Complete Your Holiday Dinner


Ham is a classic holiday centerpiece, but it’s the sides that really make the meal complete. Whether you’re serving a traditional honey-baked ham or a more unique variety, these side dishes are sure to complement your ham and take your holiday dinner to the next level.

For a classic pairing, start with a side of Scalloped Potatoes. This creamy, cheesy dish is always a crowd-pleaser. Another option is Green Bean Casserole, topped with those crispy fried onions. Both of these sides are easy to make and pair perfectly with the saltiness of the ham.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, try a Fresh Salad. A simple mix of greens, fruits, and nuts is a refreshing addition to any meal. You could also add some cranberries or goat cheese for a festive touch.

For a touch of sweetness, pair your ham with a side of Maple Glazed Carrots. The natural sweetness of the carrots pairs well with the ham, and the maple glaze adds a delicious flavor. Another option is Baked Apples, which are a great alternative to a traditional dessert.

If you want to add some color to your plate, Roasted Brussels Sprouts are a great choice. They’re full of flavor and are a healthy addition to any meal. You could also try some Roasted Butternut Squash, which is both sweet and savory.

No holiday dinner is complete without some bread, and a Homemade Bread or rolls are the perfect addition. You could also serve a side of Cornbread for a Southern twist.

To round out your meal, consider adding a side of stuffing or dressing. Whether you make it from scratch or use a boxed mix, it’s a classic holiday side that everyone loves.

With these side dishes, your holiday dinner is sure to be a success. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect pairings for your ham. And don’t forget to enjoy the company of your loved ones around the table!


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